Meet Our Partners

  • Meet Our Partners: Coucoudre

    We have recently been working alongside Coucoudre for a couple of key eco swap products. Another female-founded local business with a strong social and environmental conscience, we wanted to highlight the Coucoudre story.
  • Meet Our Partners: OrganiCup

    Female founded and led, OrganiCup are superstars in the world of reusable period products while also breaking down the stigma of getting a period with a bold and creative social media presence.
  • Meet Our Partners: Rose & Thorne

    Founder Claire was on the hunt for a reusable razor designed for women but she couldn't find something that was beautifully designed and crafted for women. So she decided to create one.
  • Meet Our Partners: Aroma Cos

    AromaCos is the Swiss distributor for the French company, Ecodis. Ecodis stock several brands of eco products. They make their own brand goods at their building in France and commission some products to be made abroad.
  • Meet Our Partners: National Exports

    National Exports takes their corporate social responsibilities seriously, they are committed to giving back to the local people and their communities. With a focus on primary agriculture, health, education and relief campaigns.
  • Meet Our Partners: Eco Straws

    Eco Straws are passionate about eliminating plastic through zero waste alternatives, one of the only straw companies we could find who offer a plastic free, plant based bristles cleaning brush for straws (all others are nylon based).
  • Meet Our Partners: Eco Dreams

    Eco Dreams is an amazing female led company out to make some real positive change. Founded by 18 year old twin sisters in 2015, who wanted to tackle period poverty and the growing number of environmental problems that disposable period products are causing.
  • Meet Our Partners: Elephant Box

    'In everything we do at Elephant Box we strive to be mindful of our impact on people & the environment. We’re not one of those companies who say one thing, then do another - from our manufacturers right through to the moment you receive your Elephant Box products, all our packaging is plastic-free and recyclable.'
  • Meet Our Partners: Geoganics

    Georganics started selling their organic homemade toothpaste at the local farmers market before quickly growing into one of Europe's most trusted brands of natural oral health care with strictly nothing to the landfill. All packaging is recyclable, compostable and plastic free.
  • Meet Our Partners: Green Poop Bags

    Eco Workshop has researched compostable poop bags and weighed up all the various options available. Green Poop bags have the best bags on the market with zero plastic, no chemical additives D2W or EPI and they are made with sugar and cornstarch. While some other ‘compostable’ poop bags still contain some plastic which breaks down but doesn’t completely compost.
  • Meet Our Partners: Guppy Friend

    With almost a third of ocean plastic having originated from our clothes Guppy Friend realised the impact they could have by preventing this plastic from being released in the first place.
  • Meet Our Partners: Kerries Scrubbies

    Founder Kerry is very selective about what suppliers she works with for raw materials, favouring other small independent businesses with transparent operations. So not only is every Scrubbie purchase doing something remarkable for our planet, it is also investing in lots of other small businesses.