Meet Our Partners: Aroma Cos

Location: Switzerland & France  •  Charity: Multiple Charities  •  Plastic free, Chemical free


Produce bags full of fresh ingredients.


AromaCos is the Swiss distributor for the French company, Ecodis. Ecodis stock several brands of eco products. They make their own brand goods at their building in France and commission some products to be made abroad.

Ecodis supported 30 solidarity and ecological projects in 2019, 60% internationally and 40% in France, half of them locally, in Southern Brittany. Projects supporting biodiversity and ecology, and projects in favour of social cohesion & education.

Ecodis also ensure fair trade and total transparency throughout their sourcing of raw materials and manufacturing processes. More than 70 people work at Ecodis, constantly seeking a balance between co-responsibility, happiness and economic efficiency. The work offered is diversified, empowering and valued. Ecodis works with ESATs to offer work to people with disabilities, through this project 130 jobs are generated.

Feeling a strong responsibilities for migrants, Ecodis hosts many events to help them and the local community come together.

We work with Ecodis for our shopping bags and produce bags, both are made in India from organic cotton grown at source. Ecodis also supply our wooden brushes which are made in Europe from sustainable wood grown at source.

We can clearly trace the process of manufacturing and the sourcing of raw materials with Ecodis. There is great transparency from growing & harvesting raw materials to production and transport. It's all done in an ecological & fair way.

Ecodis takes their responsibility very seriously and are committed to making a positive impact on communities where raw materials are sourced. Using natural sustainable, organic materials, designed to last but fully compostable at end of life. No chemicals. No Plastic and minimal packaging. 

Most of the Ecodis products are zero waste however one set of produce bags sold at Eco Workshop is packaged with a cardboard band, otherwise the other products have zero packaging and arrived at Eco Workshop in a carboard box, zero plastic. 

Ecodis is a pioneering company in the design and distribution of eco-products to organic stores. Totally transparent. Zero carbon company. Their building in France is 'passive' or completely self sufficient. Built with local natural products, they also commissioned local street artists to decorate the walls, Ecodis have fruit trees, a food garden, sheep, bees and their water is recycled to use in the workshop, garden and toilets. An independent expert calculates the carbon balance to ensure Ecodis compensates for 100% of it's CO2 emissions and keeps the label: Zero Carbon Company.