About Us

About Us.

We are a small eco store founded in La Cote, with big dreams of being a small part of the global movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Eco Workshop offers high quality & affordable everyday products to help you reduce waste. We want to inform people on the reality of plastic consumption and the impact it has on future generations.

We realised plastic is in everything, from the microfibers in your gym socks to the microbeads in your toothpaste. Plastic can be a necessary miracle material in hospitals, but the reality is we are mindlessly over consuming plastic everyday in every household. 

We hand-select only the most ethically-made goods that put people and our planet first. Each brand we partnered with has been chosen because they are taking steps to help create a more sustainable future.

As well as creating our own products we work with independent brands as close to home as possible who share our values for sustainable and ethical products made to last. Together we have curated an exciting and ever growing range of eco-swaps that you will be proud to bring into your home. 

Our shipping materials are completely plastic free and we demand the same from our suppliers. Our packaging is compostable and optional. And importantly, we provide true transparency on the products we offer. You can shop with ease and confidence knowing each purchase has first been responsibly sourced, made with sustainable materials and the people behind each item are earning fair wages.

The future of our planet depends on the small actions we take today. 


Our story.

In 2017 our family took a gap year backpacking around the world. We travelled to some amazingly different, far flung locations but no matter where in the world we were, there always seemed to be the problem of plastic. Floating out in the middle of an ocean or washed up on a deserted beach, we couldn’t escape rubbish. 

Seeing this first hand changed the way we consumed. 

Returning to our home, nestled between vineyards at the foot of the Jura mountains and feeling a million miles away from the plastic floating in the pacific we started making some small changes to our plastic consumption and I began learning what I could about being a better global citizen. 

I started an amazing adventure into composting, I expanded my garden into more than just pretty flowers, and I began creating cold process soaps, nourishing balms and invigorating bath salts using fresh ingredients from my tiny garden. I sourced local products to make beeswax wraps and I picked up an old sewing machine to sew produce bags. It was exciting and fulfilling and we quickly started to reap the benefits of these simple changes.

But I started to run into a problem. I felt the range of great eco products available was limited. For the items I couldn’t make myself I was struggling to find affordable products that were made locally. 

I became obsessed with reading the labels and small print on everything we purchased, often things were mass produced in factories in China, packaged in loads of plastic, or not sustainably sourced. I was desperate for products that were actually produced sustainably & ethically and as close to home as possible. 

This idea is what started Eco Workshop. Not only was I excited to share my products with our community but I also wanted to source the kinds of products I needed.

The partners we’ve chosen to work with share our value for sustainability, ethical production, love of local communities and commitment to honesty & being transparent.

Reevaluating our needs and wants we became more conscious consumers.

I’m not perfect, neither is this journey. But I’ve picked up some great tips to make life a little simpler and found some awesome products along the way which might also help you along your imperfect path to greener living.



Eco Workshop's Green Initiatives.

Through our blog and our workshops we are committed to educating our community on the steps they can take to live a greener life.

We believe we can all do more, on an individual basis, to protect our environment. However, we believe this journey isn’t linear. We want this to be a space to encourage and support each person on their own path. All actions have power, and it's the accumulation of small actions that make the biggest impact. We are all in this together, learning together and supporting one another on this imperfect journey. Eco Workshop is a space to share ideas and tips, ask questions and work together in a safe and accepting space. 

We are a proud member of Zero Waste Switzerland a non profit NGO recognised by the Swiss government. Zero Waste Switzerland is encouraging and enabling citizens, institutions and economic parties to favour a renewable and circular economy.

Eco Workshop has pledged a commitment to 1% For The Planet, an international organisation whose members contribute at least 1% of annual sales to environmental causes.

1% For The Planet focus on six core issues:
Climate, Food, Land, Pollution, Water, Wildlife.