Meet Our Partners: Green Poop Bags

Location: UK  •  Charity: The Great North Dog Walk, Friends of the Earth  •  Sustainably focused, Plant based


Showing eco poop bags with a dog in the background


Green Poop Bags supports the Great North Dog Walk. Supports 'Friends of the Earth', who are helping to change the laws in UK and worldwide to eliminate the environmental and waste crisis.

The Green Poop Bag was chosen from a pool of over 500 environmental frontrunners as a leader in developing environmental best practice.

They are a Green World Ambassador for demonstrating commitment to the environment by sharing expertise with shipping companies all around the world. Their award-winning initiative is highlighted in The Green Book, the world's only annual work of reference on environmental best practice.

One aspect of the Green Apple Award was: 'To support the wider goals of sustainable development, including social benefits, through community and staff involvement'

Green Poop Bags is another Female founded company of pet owners who wanted to reduce plastic consumption.

Green Poop Bags are plant based. Vegan. TUV Austria Home Compost approved. Green Poop Bags are deeply passionate about protecting our environment 

Unfortunately this product is made in China. But was 100% developed in the UK by Green Poop Bags. Green Poop bags continue to oversee all operations in China to ensure best practices.

We have researched compostable poop bags and weighed up all the various options available. Green Poop bags have the best bags on the market with zero plastic, no chemical additives D2W or EPI and they are made with sugar and cornstarch. While some other ‘compostable’ poop bags still contain some plastic which breaks down but doesn’t completely compost.
Zero waste and plastic free policy. Poop bags arrive in a compostable cardboard box. Strictly No plastic.