Meet Our Partners: Rose & Thorne

Location: UK  •  Charity: Plastic Oceans UK  •  Plastic free, Made locally


Metal safety razor on a linen fabric.


10% of Rose & Thorne profits are donated to 'Plastic Oceans UK' who's mission it is to stop plastic reaching the oceans within a generation.

Founder Claire was on the hunt for a reusable razor designed for women but she couldn't find something that was beautifully designed and crafted for women. So she decided to create one.

The razor handles are made in Kent, England Claire lives locally and collects the razor handles directly from the manufacture. Overseeing production Claire can trace the process and sourcing of raw materials to ensure this is done in an ecological way.

All packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible, focusing on recycled, recyclable and responsibly sourced. The gift boxes are made from responsibly sourced card, in which the razor, travel pouch and blades sit. Recyclable tissue paper and eco friendly stickers are used for the blade boxes. Recycled shredded paper as padding inside the mailer box, and the mailer box is repurposed boxes that are either gifted or found.

Safety razors are a necessary eco swap for anyone who shaves and is concerned about their plastic waste. Usually targeted towards men, Rose and Thorne created a razor suited to women to give us a close shave even on the difficult areas of our body.