Meet Our Partners: Geoganics

Location: UK  •  Charity: Plastic Oceans Europe  •  Community focused, Compostable packaging


Teeth tabs and toothbrushing laying on a mirror


Sponsors of 'Plastic Oceans Europe' dedicated to ending plastic pollution within all marine and freshwater sources throughout the continent. Sponsers of Tree App, 'helping everyone plant a tree for free every day in less than a minute'. Also donating profits towards: Rewilding Britain, Renewable World and Plastic Oceans.

Committed to fair trade and fair employment and being better than the day before.

Founder Alex had been struggling with poor oral health. He decided to change his diet and use natural hygiene products, but couldn't find all natural dental care so he set out to create his own - Georganics.

Georganics started selling their organic homemade toothpaste at the local farmers market before quickly growing into one of Europe's most trusted brands of natural oral health care with strictly nothing to the landfill. All packaging is recyclable, compostable and plastic free.

Geogranics encourage their customers to post back old toothbrush heads and have partnered with Terra-cycle to help recycle toothbrush heads that can't be recycled at local facilities.

Georganics are a fair trade employer and produce all their own products on site. Strictly no plastic. All Geoganics products are packaged in recyclable or compostable packaging.