Meet Our Partners: OrganiCup

Location: Denmark  •  Charity: Multiple Charities  •  Plastic free, Sustainably made


Period cup in a small bowl on a fabric surface.


An individual uses 11.000 disposable period products in a lifetime, Organicup wanted to change this.

Female founded and led, OrganiCup are superstars in the world of reusable period products while also breaking down the stigma of getting a period with a bold and creative social media presence.

Organicup is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and cultural & social issues.

Funding events, launching various campaigns and supporting important charities including:

  • OC mini Campaign.
  • Period Education Program.
  • Oxford Circus Advert.
  • Taboo: Global Periods.
  • Dare.
  • Donating cups to sex workers.
  • Freedom 4 girls Kenya.
  • Period Link

OrganiCup believe access to safe and hygienic period products should be a basic human right and are on a mission to provide a sustainable and scalable solution to end period poverty. Together with partner NGOs both in developing and developed countries, OrganiCup aim to ensure those in need receive proper education about menstrual health and have access to period products.

There are now more and more period cups on the market, but not to the same high standard as OrganiCup. With their strong environmental conscience there is strictly no plastic in the product and it’s packaging (for transport included). OrganiCup has considerably less packaging than other period cups. Packaged in recyclable carton all instructions are printed directly onto the packaging to prevent additional waste. The packaging is minimised in size to reduce emissions from transportation. The cotton storage bag is made from unbleached organic cotton.

The OrganiCup is currently produced in: Germany, using medical-grade silicone made in Germany and China, using medical-grade silicone made in USA. 

OrganiCup is made at top-grade facilities that are audited to make sure they meet quality and CSR requirements.

We can clearly trace the process of manufacturing and the sourcing of raw materials. Eco Workshop would love to see some improvement in the carbon footprint, but also understand great attention to every detail has been made to minimise emissions where possible

 Organicup period cups are made from naturally derived silicone and contain no harmful chemicals or dyes.