Meet Our Partners: Eco Dreams

Location: UK  •  Charity: Pads for Africa.  AMPS for Africa.  African Children's Aid. Food Bank. Local Educational Events  •  Chemical-free, Community focused


A basket full of reusable pads.


With a strong commitment to sustainability and social change, Eco Dreams runs, participates in and sponsors numerous charitable events throughout the year.

Eco Dreams work extensively with organizations large and small to offer sustainable solutions for under represented communities around the globe. Working with and led by the population they are serving. Eco Dreams aims to provide sanitary products and education in order to empower girls and their communities. Globally only 12% of women and girls have access to menstrual products, because of this girls can miss up to 20% of school.

Eco Dreams is an amazing female led company out to make some real positive change. Founded by 18 year old twin sisters in 2015, who wanted to tackle period poverty and the growing number of environmental problems that disposable period products are causing.

Eco Dreams make their own products by hand in the UK, they have a  positive social impact and are fair employers.

While they're not completely plastic-free as their pads have plastic snaps to hold the pads in place, they do offer a 'life time guarantee' on their snaps. Otherwise Eco Dreams have no plastic and zero packaging.

Eco Dreams use all quality materials and have run many tests on their products. Their high tech sustainable fabric makes their products some of the slimmest on the market.

The pads should last for 8 + years making them some of the most high quality and most cost-effective pads compared to other brands.

Zero packaging. The product arrived to Eco Workshop in a cardboard box, with no plastic.