Meet Our Partners: National Exports

Location: Nepal  •  Charity: Multiple Charities  •  Community focused, Compostable at end of life


Dryer balls in a basked with laundry and leaves.


National Exports are environmentally aware and follow sustainable environmental practices. Their Mission:

‘Natural Products for Environmental Sustainability’.

National Exports takes their corporate social responsibilities seriously, they are committed to giving back to the local people and their communities. With a focus on primary agriculture, health, education and relief campaigns.

Wool felting is a traditional artisanal practice from Nepal, traditionally done by hand by women. National Exports are providing fair employment and education while aiming to be a leader in the market for environmental products of Nepal.

They are genuinely trying to leave a positive impact on our environment by developing this product from natural and renewable materials, following traditional methods and creating jobs in smaller communities. We can clearly trace the process of manufacturing and the sourcing of raw materials with pure New Zealand wool hand felted following traditional methods.

Produced using only natural materials, No chemicals and no dyes. These dryer balls are not filled with synthetics as many others on the market are. They will therefore not shred any nasty microfibres into your laundry. 

No plastic in the product and it’s packaging, with each set packaged in a 100% cotton, drawstring bag, all compostable at end of it's life.