Meet Our Partners: Kerries Scrubbies

Location: UK  •  Charity: Prison programs  •  Sustainably focused, Plastic free


Kerrie's scrubby clothes all lined up


Kerries Scrubbies are Eco driven.

Founder Kerry is very selective about what suppliers she works with for raw materials, favouring other small independent businesses with transparent operations. So not only is every Scrubbie purchase doing something remarkable for our planet, it is also investing in lots of other small businesses.

An alternative to plastic or chemical based sponges. Kerries Scrubbies are hand made by Kerry at her home in Wales. All materials used are organic and 100% compostable. 

The company beliefs of Kerries Scrubbies are in line with the values of Eco Workshop -making a fully compostable product is more important than profit.

Kerry insures a transparent process from the sourcing of raw materials through to the manufacturing. The custom-printed organic cotton fabric is the best quality, printed using dyes free from harmful substances and all designed by individuals who's own businesses benefit with every purchase. It might be more expensive than basic organic cotton fabric but Kerry won't compromise on environmental goals or quality. In keeping to her values of planet of profit in the world of un-sponges Kerries Scrubbies are affordable to buy and great value for money. 

As well as supporting local, independent small businesses Kerry organised rehab schemes at the local prison employing inmates and helping them learn new skills.

Packaged in a compostable cardboard bellyband with compostable tape, Kerry has ensured a fully compostable, zero waste product.