Meet Our Partners: Eco Straws

Location: UK  •  Charity: Marine Conservation Society  •  Sustainably focused, Plastic free


Metal straws in drinks outside in the sun.


Eco Straws are supporting the Marine Conservation Society, the UK’s leading marine charity working to ensure our seas are healthy, pollution free and protected.

Based in the UK, they're a family run company with over 17 Years experience working with retailers across Europe. Made in the UK we can clearly trace the process of manufacturing and the sourcing of raw materials through Eco Straws. This is transparent and done in an ecological way.

Eco Straws are passionate about eliminating plastic through zero waste alternatives, one of the only straw companies we could find who offer a plastic free, plant based bristles cleaning brush for straws (all others are nylon based).

Strictly plastic free and with no packaging, the straws arrived here at Eco Workshop in a compostable box and are sold without packaging, ensuring a zero waste purchase.