Meet Our Partners: Liebwerk Toothbrushes

Location: Switzerland  •  Charity: World Wildlife Foundation  •  Sustainably focused, Locally made


toothbrushes beside a sink


Donating 5% of all sales to WWF. Liebwerk chose the Rainforest project of WWF Switzerland, which is dedicated to protection and preservation of tropical rainforests and is committed to sustainable forestry worldwide which exactly meets Liebwerk objections.

Local and environmentally conscious Liebwerk wanted to focus on creating something sustainable. To make an everyday item that everybody uses, environmentally friendly and donate a part of the proceeds.

An average person uses between four to six toothbrushes a year. Therefore, replacing the handle with a biodegradable material saves tons of plastic that would otherwise end up in oceans and landfills.

Liebwerk wooden toothbrushes are entirely manufactured in Switzerland. Avoiding long transport routes to reduce the CO2 footprint of production. Also, the wood is FSC-certified, which guarantees it comes from ecologically and socially managed forests

Developed by three young friends who wanted to leave a positive impact on the environment. We can clearly trace the process of manufacturing and the sourcing of raw materials. This is transparent and done in an ecological way.

Strictly no plastic in their packaging. However: The bristles are nylon. But, there is currently no compostable alternative to nylon other than animal-based materials such as wild boar hair. However, this material fails to perform both from the environmental and the hygienic point of view: the hair comes from industrial farms, often located in China, and is hollow, which provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Bioplastic alternatives, such as the castor oil-based nylon, are based on renewable plant-based oils. However, due to the lengthy degradation periods they do not fall under the composability criteria for the house compost waste.

In virtually all toothbrushes available on the market, small hooks made of stainless-steel fix the bristles in the head. These hooks must not get into compost either.

Packaged in a compostable box.