Meet Our Partners: BasketBasket

Location: UK & Morocco  •  Charity: Woodland Trust since 2010  •  Plastic free, Chemical free


Stack of woven baskets with leather straps.


For over 10 years BasketBasket has been a member of the Woodland Trust who focus on preserving and creating woods throughout the UK to protect the environment. Also, as a small family run company, BasketBasket emphasise the importance of and value in Fair Trade.

We love BasketBasket because they share so many of our values. They don't use factories, as all products are made by hand with traditional methods, and are often made in local homes. They have strong relationships with their artisans to ensure they're paid and treated fairly while supporting a continuation of ancient crafts and traditions.

BasketBasket have a transparent supply chain that is fully traceable. They take this very seriously and work towards being as thorough as possible, from growing of the raw materials right through to having cartridge-less printers to avoid even more plastic. It's important to BasketBasket to leave a positive impact on the local communities where the raw materials are grown and made.

They only use natural sustainable materials and any leather used is a by-product of the meat industry. While their products are designed to last, they're fully compostable at end of life.

With their HQ located in the UK, the baskets are hand made in Morocco following traditional methods using locally grown palm fonds. While we value sourcing as close to home as possible, sometimes it's not possible. We love the compromise BasketBasket has found by supporting the local community as close to where the products are made and grown as possible. 

This product is slightly more expensive than you might find other places, but it's because the workers and suppliers are paid a fair wage.

Strictly no plastic. BasketBasket use recycled paper, cardboard boxes and even cartridge free printers to avoid plastic where ever possible.